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Hornsby Differential & Gearbox Specialists

35 + years of experience

Differential Units and Manual Gearbox Repairs Hornsby

repairs & reconditioning 

Hornsby Differential & Gearbox Specialists

35 + years of experience

Differential Units and Manual Gearbox Repairs Hornsby


Here at Hornsby Differential & Gearbox Specialists, we are passionate about providing expert gearbox and differential repairs to all manual vehicles. Our highly skilled team of differential and gearbox specialists have more than 35 years of expertise in all aspects of repairs, reconditioning and modifications of all gearbox and differential units. Based in Leighton Place in Hornsby, our differential repairs workshop is easily accessible for locals in the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Our team of experts pride themselves on our exceptional workmanship, customer service and state-of-the-art equipment.

Precision engineering tools enable us to deliver reliable and cost-effective repairs to gearboxes and differential units. We pass those savings on to you to deliver the highest quality repairs and reconditioning of gearboxes and differential units at affordable prices. We extend our differential unit repairs and gearbox repairs to all manual vehicle makes and models, including front and rear wheel drives, 4WD and light commercial vehicles. For differential repairs, reconditioning, gearbox repairs you can trust, the team at Hornsby Differential & Gearbox Specialists are just a call away!



We all know how important vehicles are to get from A to B. Yet, few realise the complexities of the systems required to make their vehicle move. Differential units enable the wheels in your vehicle to spin at different speeds, without affecting the speed (torque). Your vehicle’s differentials function is essential when doing everything from off-road driving to turning, driving on slippery services and more. 

Gearboxes and differential units are manufactured to extremely high specifications and are designed to withhold large mechanical load as they deliver the engine’s power to the driving wheels of your vehicle. Our highly qualified transmission technicians are experts in checking all components used in the construction of gearboxes and final drive units for wear and mechanical failure. 

Utilising the industry’s best in specialised, precision engineering tools and equipment, we provide first-class quality repairs to gearboxes and differential units at affordable prices. To learn more about our services or to book in your vehicle, get in touch with us today! 


Diff Repairs

Diff Repairs Upper North Shore Sydney 

Hornsby Differential & Gearbox Specialists is your one-stop shop for all manual differential unit repairs. Working on all vehicle makes and models, we offer high-speed diffs for 4×4, maintenance and replacement of differential gears, differential repairs and ratio changeovers, differential housing and axle straightening and more. 

We work tirelessly to provide the best customer service with every step of the way and the best gearbox and differential repairs in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. 

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  • 5 star review  Great service, very experienced, solved my Kaaz diff clunking issue, good pricing, would recommend to anyone else looking for repairs

    thumb Daniel Bartlett
  • 5 star review  Good place for gearbox and repair

  • 5 star review  Good service. Adam knows what he is talking about.

    thumb Mathew Dezius
  • 5 star review  These guys went above and way beyond to fix the noise I had in my car. All the staff were easy to deal with and so understanding. I’d recommend them to all. Absolutely excellent service

    thumb Janeanne Solling
  • 5 star review  Thanks to the team at Hornsby Diffs and Gearbox. For more than a year I have taken my car to different "specialist's" for a worrying grinding noise in the drive train of my car. Each pinpointed the diff as the issue and did what they thought would fix it. Unfortunately none came up with the correct solution and most suggested replacing the diff, which was a very expensive exercise. Frustratingly, this didn't sit well with me so, as a last resort, i thought i would try a place that specialises in diffs. I took the car to Hornsby diffs & gearbox. I turned up without an appointment and had a nice greeting from friendly and attentive staff. Adam drove the car and straight away thought it's not the diff but suspected he knew what the problem was. He explained to me that he was not 100% sure and gave me the option to try it or not. I agreed to the repair and the quoted price. The next day Adam phoned me and explained the product i need for the repair was slightly more expensive than he first thought and again gave me the option to proceed or not, (this is normally a question that is asked when your car is up on a hoist and oil drained or wheels off or something else you can't get out of, so you have no choice but to agree). I went ahead with the repair, picked my car up and paid the agreed price. Adam's professional diagnosis was spot on! The noise is totally gone. It had nothing to do with the diff, as he suspected, and she's driving as smooth as silk. Thank you again Hornsby Diffs and Gearbox. I"ll gladly recommend your business.

    thumb Phil Simmons

manual gearboxes and differential services include: final drive services include 

  • Straightening of housings and axles
  • Ratio changes
  • Uni-joints
  • Specialist differential ratio changes for V8 Commodores
  • Better launch and performance enhancement modifications
  • Manual gearboxes repairs and reconditioning
  • Clutches
  • Wheel bearings
Manual Gearboxes and Differential Services

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